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Oil To Gas Conversion Specialists Portland Oregon – Oil To Gas Portland OR

Let our Oil to Gas Conversion Specialists upgrade your oil furnace to a more efficient gas furnace or heat pump. Portland homeowners are turning to oil to gas conversions more and more frequently due to the many benefits of gas heating.

Budget Heating and Cooling can provide expert advice and will help you make this switch quickly and easily. We’re considered experts in the area of oil to gas conversions so we know exactly what steps to take and will help you find the right furnace or heat pump that will be perfectly matched to your home and your needs.

Oil to Gas upgrade – It’s easier than you think! Converting your home heating equipment from oil to gas is less complicated than you may think. And the sooner you decide to make the upgrade the sooner you can start enjoying the benefits of natural gas. If you have an oil furnace that is 10 years old or older, it’s a perfect time to consider making a switch. Today’s gas furnaces offer super high efficiency which provides substantial savings on your monthly utility bill.

From start to finish we’ll walk through the oil furnace upgrade:

  • Removal and disposal of your oil furnace
  • Thorough evaluation of your home to ensure proper sizing of your new gas furnace.
  • Installation of your gas furnace
  • Coordination to ensure proper connection of the gas line
  • Testing of the new furnace
  • Advise on any special rebates or incentives that may apply

    Oil to Gas Conversion Specialists Portland Oregon

Benefits of Gas Heating – There are many reasons people to choose an oil to gas conversion.  Some people are looking for a more modern way to heat their home, while others want to save money on their utility bill. No matter the reason, we’re here to help.

  • Save money on utility bills: According to the U.S. Energy Information Agency (EIA), it costs the average homeowner $2,087 to heat with fuel oil in 2012, but only $832 to heat the same-size house with natural gas. Since 2002, oil heat has averaged 30% to 50% more than gas every year.
  • Oil prices expected to rise: The EIA predicts that oil prices will continue to increase, while the cost of natural gas should remain comparatively stable. Given these circumstances, it’s no wonder a growing number of homeowners are electing to stop burning oil and start burning natural gas.
  • Better for the environment: Consider that natural gas has fewer impurities than oil. Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel available. Switching from oil to natural gas reduces CO2 emissions by 27%.
  • The convenience factor: Gas heating is inherently more convenient than oil heating furnaces. When you convert to a gas furnace you never have to worry about refilling your oil tanks, have gaps in service or need to maintain your oil tank.

Getting Started On Oil To Gas Upgrade – We’ll help you start the process of converting your oil furnace.  The first step is to find out if you’re close to a natural gas line. We can do this for you.  Once this is confirmed we’ll discuss options for your new gas furnace or heat pump.  Next we’ll take care of ordering through NW Natural gas and seeing if any permits are required. We coordinate the process for you and make sure the new gas furnace is installed properly.  Upon installation we will test for pressure and make sure it passes inspection.

Oil Furnace Upgrade Portland Oregon


Who Should Consider Converting Their Oil Furnace To Gas?

  • If your oil furnace is more than 10 years old it’s a good time to consider upgrading to gas
  • Anyone interested in saving money on their utility bill is a good candidate to upgrade
  • Are you concerned about the environment? If so, upgrading your oil furnace to gas is one way to make a difference
  • Do you live close to a gas line? You’re a good candidate for an easy upgrade
  • Are you concerned with longevity and reliability? Upgrading to a more modern gas furnace will most likely give you better reliability, better longevity and better performance than an oil furnace.

How To Hire and Oil To Gas Conversion Company – The most important step to take is to find the right heating and cooling company.  Not all contractors are created equal and not all contractors have the same level of experience.

We’re an approved trade ally of the Energy Trust of Oregon.  We have experience on our side.  Our company specializes in converting oil furnaces to more efficient gas furnaces or heat pumps.

We’re a full service HVAC contractor so you can turn to us for repair or maintenance of your heating and cooling equipment. You get the best of both worlds with us as we offer high quality products with high quality expert advice.

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